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“Dana Al Rams” auction in Qatif achieves record sales amounting to 3.5 billion riyals

One of the largest real estate auctions in the Eastern Province is launched today, as about 3000 lands are being offered in the Qatif Governorate. The Dana Al Rams plan, which is owned by real estate agencies, is the Al Noah Real Estate Company, Abdullah Al Suleiman Real Estate Group, Talal Al-Ghunaim Group, Ajlan and Bros. Company.

The market value of the plan is estimated at three billion riyals, but Abdullah Al Noah, CEO, told "Riyadh" that the prices of lands will be under the auction for everyone, stressing that providing 3000 plots of land will meet the aspirations of those wishing to acquire land or homes in the Qatif Governorate, and will achieve An important paradigm shift on the real estate and urban levels.

The upcoming auction is one of the most important auctions that real estate offices in the eastern region are interested in, especially that its location is strategic, and it overlooks the Arabian Gulf from the side of the Nazareth neighborhood of the city of Qatif, and the plan was linked to two bridges, which are considered one of the most important strategic projects for roads in Qatif Governorate.

Ajlan Al Ajlan, head of Ajlan & Brothers, said: The Dana al-Rams plan, which was adopted, extends for about 4000 meters along the coast at the northeastern tip of the Qatif Governorate, bounded on the south by the Zahraa plan and the Nazareth plan, and in the north and east the Arabian Gulf, and to the west, the Rams farms, and the plan is linked to a typical arterial and local road network. It is linked to the Southern Corniche, and Al Khaleej Street with Uhud Road Bridge, and it is linked to Tarot Island via the Mashari Bridge, and it is hoped to link it to Ras Tanura Safwa Road, Jubail, which will link it to Ras Tanura City and King Fahd International Airport by a fast and direct road to connect the plan to the various neighborhoods of Qatif cities.

For his part, Vice Chairman of Al Noah Real Estate Company, Amjad Al Noah, said: "In this plan, we sought to develop all infrastructure services in accordance with the approved specifications in line with the requirements of real estate and investment development in the region, as well as its distinctive strategic location that makes it an attraction in the present and the future... The Danat Al Rams plan represents a real estate value added to the real estate development in the region, and it is the result of years of experience in the real estate market, and it was created in cooperation with partners with a scientific and engineering vision that keeps pace with modern development in creating plans with different purposes, which makes it one of the best real estate options that can be Beneficiaries receive it, whether in terms of the quality and integrity of the services or the location