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Ajlan and Bros... A name associated with real estate plans

Ajlan and Bros. is one of the largest investments and commercial groups in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company leads the real estate investment sector by offering a number of residential, commercial and industrial plans in the cities of the Kingdom that need such products. Ajlan and Bros. has partnered with dozens of real estate groups in the Kingdom in The development of various real estate projects, all of which are sold and put up for public auction or direct sale upon completion of the development and the provision of services.

Ajlan bin Abdulaziz Al Ajlan, whose name is associated with the success of many major real estate auctions, took a policy that was considered a milestone in the real estate market, by adopting transparency and clarity in selling real estate products of all kinds, from residential, commercial and industrial. Whether they are single products (pieces) or bulks. With the intention of fulfilling the demand of individuals wishing to housing or investment, or fulfilling the requests of real estate developers. This method was one of the most important methods that promoted the spread of real estate auctions, and translated real estate demand by pumping more developed plans, to achieve sufficiency, raise supply, and enhance competitiveness.

The industrial Scope plan was the last auction in which Ajlan bin Abdulaziz Al Ajlan participated, with great success, as it is considered the last auction in the current real estate year 2014 AD, achieving sales of more than 500 million riyals. It is noteworthy that the Ajlan & Bros Group has also succeeded in the commercial sector since the company started its operations forty years ago. From the early stages of production, choosing raw materials, taking care of all the details, and managing the industrial process, it took care of providing the best quality products, which helped to establish its brand in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in most parts of the Arab world, and even at the international level.