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Drosh from (Ajlan & Brothers) 100% natural and does not cause allergies to humans

(Ajlan & Brothers) announced that it has recently acquired the international brand ALLERGY, and that all the materials used in the company's products, including underwear and garment of the Drosh brand, used in the industrial stages do not cause any kind of allergies to humans.

(Ajlan & Brothers) confirmed that obtaining this mark confirms its leadership in the world in the field of garment and underwear industries, as it manufactures and owns a wonderful group of international brands, and confirms the company's constant keenness on the quality and quality of its products through excellence in the materials involved in the production process and used in The manufacturing process, whether textiles or machines and machines.

She pointed out that obtaining this mark is a new achievement in addition to its continuous achievements, the last of which is obtaining a specialized mark that confirms that the materials used in its production processes are 100% natural materials and not harmful to the environment, stressing that the ALLERGY global brand is concerned with reassuring customers that they wear products that do not cause them allergy. Never.

(Ajlan & Brothers) explained that, by obtaining this type of trademark, it provides a wonderful new model of relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction and safety, as the company offers everything that is beautiful and distinguished in terms of elegant detail that accompanies fashion and preserves the originality and spirit, and also offers very high quality Of the tissues that we use in our production, and it is concerned that everything that it uses in the production cycle is fabric, strings, yarn, machinery, colors and materials all of which are healthy and do not harm the safety of their customers or the environment in general.

She emphasized that, through these new additions, it has always surprised its customers from time to time, to enhance their confidence in it and in the products it offers them and to maintain the prestigious position it deservedly occupies in the world of textile industries, and the large market share, taking into account the tastes, needs and requirements of customers.

It is worth noting that UK ALLRGY is a pioneering charitable institution dedicated to supporting allergy patients, as nearly 21 million people in the United Kingdom depend on its mark, and it provides a specialized helpline through a support network and an online forum for people with allergies, in addition to accrediting many associations Charity, which is concerned with those who are allergic to some substances that they can use without their knowledge, whether in their clothes, food, or the materials they use in their lives, and ALLERGY charity educates workers in various fields about the substances that may cause allergies to the users of different products.

This charitable organization is interested in the products that children use because of this issue of extremely important privacy, as the degree of expression and description among children in the event that they are exposed to substances that cause them sensitivity is very low than it has in adults and more painful and harmful, as Ajlan and Bros. are distinguished by providing children with underwear From the international brand Drosh and cares steadily and continuously to ensure that everything offered to children is of international quality.