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Al-Sami Shemagh from Ajlan and Bros, the depth of Arab originality and ancient English creativity

In the framework of its constant endeavor to satisfy the aspirations of customers and achieve their desires and continuous efforts to develop its products, Ajlan & Bros. Company launched the "Sami" Shemagh in the Saudi and Gulf markets after hiring the best design and manufacturing consultants to be its first shemaghs as a true definition of the level it aspires to in the market.

Ajlan & His Brothers, which is today the largest companies of ashgag and men's clothing in the region, reaped the fruits of long years of hard work on creating and producing sublime shemagh from the depth of Arab originality.

In this high-end product, the company took into account the development in Saudi and Gulf taste and the intensification of competition in the market, which made it present the "sublime" shemagh in a way that demonstrates its deep understanding of the nature of these products and its close connection with a national heritage that is constantly being developed and updated without changing the basic features, so its design was extremely magnificent and beautiful.

The workers in the men's apparel market also confirm that the Sammagh Al-Sami can, through his designs and models that are characterized by the top of the lines of creativity, to seize today the largest share in the market undisputedly and seize the interests of buyers for use and gift due to maintaining the quality levels that Ajlan and Bros. have bet on since it issued a decision. Manufactures a special and distinctive shemagh that reflects the accumulation of its experience that extends for more than fifty years ago.