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The (industrial) supply plan has been put up for auction next Wednesday

Ajlan & Bros. Company and Ammar Yazdan Real Estate Company are preparing to launch the Imdad industrial plan next Wednesday in Dammam. Ajlan Al Ajlan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ajlan and Bros. Company, said that the demand for industrial lands is witnessing a steady growth, as a result of the commercial and industrial development in the Kingdom, which in turn boosted the great demand for warehouses of goods and goods.

Al Ajlan pointed out that a supply plan is located north of Abqaiq-Dhahran highway and south of the radar area, which gives it a distinctive strategic location that facilitates the task of transportation and storage.

Al Ajlan considered the Eastern Region one of the most important strategic centers in the Kingdom, as it is an important petroleum, industrial, marine and commercial center due to the concentration of oil companies and related companies, which always need highly efficient warehouses in distinct locations.

He considered that the existence of large construction and service projects in several sectors such as gas and petrochemicals is one of the factors indicating the importance of having auxiliary companies that require a central logistics center that facilitates transportation, storage and supply.

Al Ajlan pointed out that the Kingdom's imports of various goods, especially in the eastern region, require the presence of a prepared warehouse area that facilitates the passage of goods from various ports and stores them in close, easy-to-handle places.

Al Ajlan called for more industrial plans to be pumped into the real estate market to cope with the growing demand for large and medium warehouses.

Al Ajlan stopped at the strategic location of the Emdad plan, as it is located in the heart of the triangle, Dammam, Dhahran, and Khobar, in addition to its proximity to King Abdulaziz Port and its proximity to Aramco and Abu Hadriyah Highway.

In addition to its proximity to the First Industrial City, which is considered one of the first three industrial cities in the Kingdom, where there are about 130 factories that include the manufacture of foodstuffs, furniture, paper, printing products, plastics, chemical and mineral products, appliances, cement and marble, as well as the second industrial city, which includes a large number of different industries Which is in great need for adjacent warehouses to facilitate the storage process.

He pointed out that there are scientific studies indicating an expected future development for preparing companies and institutions in the region, which constitutes a strong demand for industrial plans projects.

Al Ajlan mentioned that the large numbers of media traffic coming to Sharkia ports are the most important indicators of the great demand for warehouses of all kinds.

The quantity of imported goods into the eastern region is estimated at about 30% of the quantity of imported goods into the Kingdom.