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His Highness and “Ajlan” close the entire auction of the Business Oasis plan within 40 minutes, with sales of 200 million riyals

Last Wednesday, Sumou Real Estate Company and Ajlan and Bros. Company closed one of the most important auctions for the year 2012 with a high level of modern technologies in the manner of presenting auctions, whether administratively or technically, as the Business Oasis project auction witnessed an unprecedented real estate presence that enriched the auction with strong competition that confirmed the great real estate value For the project that keeps pace with the developments of the real estate industry.

The auction achieved more than 200 million riyals in sales, during which the entire 300,000-square-meter plan was sold, with a common denominator of excellence and quality.

The average price in selling the plan was 1050 riyals per square meter, which was between 1,000 riyals per square meter and 1,100 riyals per square meter, and the auction was viewed at prices that were affordable for everyone, knowing that the plan is authorized for 15 floors and more.

The plan represents an integrated quality investment and economic environment that meets the aspirations of investors in a vital project that represents a center for all businesses.

The CEO and Managing Director, Eng.Khalid bin Muhammad Al-Tlemceni, confirmed that the project has found wide acceptance from investors, especially as it provides a complete and integrated services investment environment that puts all beneficiaries in contact with the world, indicating that accuracy has been taken into account during all stages of project implementation, starting with field planning and passing through to infrastructure designs. Survey engineering and final technical parameters. "We decided to provide an advanced internal road network in anticipation of the future urban expansion in the areas surrounding the project, so we worked to allocate detailed and special roads that allow the project visitors to enjoy a high degree of efficiency, " said Al-Tlemceni.