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The Drosh thobe crowns its distinction in the Saudi market by obtaining the international rap certificate

The "Drosh" dress from Ajlan and Bros. Company culminated in its success over the years in monopolizing the largest share of the Saudi market by finally obtaining the global "rap" certificate, which is a certificate issued by an international non-profit organization in accordance with international labor, environmental and security standards, entitling the product that it carries to enter All markets in the world, as manufacturers consider it "the international passport to enter the Western countries" and the certificate is renewed periodically on the condition that the factory adheres to the standards and principles of the organization.

The "wrap" certificate enhances the confidence of the customers of the "Drosh" dress in the product and Ajlan and Bros. Company, locally and in the Gulf and foreign markets, as obtaining them requires the availability of conditions, principles and procedures that are implemented and reviewed by an accredited office of the United States, including non-practice of forced labor and ill-treatment. Avoiding discrimination in all its forms, ensuring that workers are granted compensation and incentives, determining working hours, and ensuring correct practices in the fields of preserving the environment, in addition to ensuring that conditions for public health and safety are met in the workplace and that proper security measures are followed.

In this regard, Ajlan & Bros. Company affirmed its pride in this international certificate, stressing that this enhances the company's march in pioneering the ready-to-wear sector and the fruit of its decades-long efforts in development and production improvement.

She added, “The Drosh dress produced by Ajlan & Bros. Company has achieved great success in the local and Gulf markets due to its high-end fabrics, meticulous detailing, multiple sizes and variety of models, which came to meet the needs of Saudi society groups who are accustomed to excellence.

The Drosh dress is a unique masterpiece and a development in quality, its design was very magnificent and beautiful, and one of the stations of creativity and professional work in production and new innovative design, design in the hands of experts and a selection of the best fabrics and very precise detailing and measurements that suit everyone and comfort when wearing and a feeling of soft texture and suitable for all tastes to be a product Aesthetically high and modern and a qualitative leap in the garment industry, which made it the focus of everyone's attention and won the admiration of customers through the increasing demand for it at reasonable prices to become accessible to everyone.

"Ajlan & Brothers", which has decades of experience in the field of Gulf men's clothing, seeks to introduce small details into the garment while preserving the originality of this outfit, which reflects the culture and history of society, to come out with renewed faces relying on good materials and innovative ideas that meet everyone's needs, taking into account the basic principle in Dealing with dresses, which is that the Saudi dress has not changed in the sense of change and all that has occurred and that occurs to it, adding new aesthetic touches and higher quality standards to achieve the company's permanent goal of providing high levels of quality to its customers who have given it their trust

Ajlan and Bros. is the largest company of shemagh and men's clothing in the region. It is also the first to obtain the certificate of the Swiss Inspection Institute for its use of environmentally friendly materials suitable for human health, in addition to obtaining the international quality certificate ISO 9001 as the first company in its field as a result of applying the best and latest standards in all The stages of manufacturing, packaging and distribution in addition to its permanent excellence in management and development.

It is known that the rap certification is binding and helps companies obtain contracts for export to the American and European market and qualify them to manufacture products of international brands that adopt the rap certification.

Also, most of the customers in the American market and the European market prefer to work and contract with the factory that has a rap certificate, and therefore the customer does not need to make a review on the factory before confirming any order.