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The Saudis choose the Brogeh shemagh that is most popular in the Kingdom

The (Ajlan & Brothers) company announced last Saturday evening that its (Brogeh ) shemagh is leading its semiconductor sales by more than 75% of the company's sales of sage, and more than 30% of the total sums sold in the Kingdom as a whole, which indicates its popularity and preference by consumers To become the most high quality shemagh; It is also the most popular shemagh.

Mr. Muhammad bin Abdulaziz Al Ajlan, Deputy General Manager of (Ajlan & Brothers) said: "(Brogeh ) shemagh continued to excel in the acetate sector, to achieve a distinguished position by following high standards in the quality of raw materials and manufacturing, and keenness on innovation and renewal without prejudice to originality and identity, so that the result is the confidence of our customers and choosing them for formal, private or For daily life, (Brogeh ) alone reaps more than 30% of the ashmagha market share in the Kingdom, far behind its closest competitors, and we seek to continue the brand policy of the (Brogeh) shemagh in providing a distinctive product with excellent quality, high quality, and innovative designs. "

"Ajlan & Brothers" company owns the largest share in the market of shemagh and traditional clothes. Its products are found in all cities of the Kingdom, with different brands such as "Brogeh " and "Drosh" in addition to its possession of famous international brands, such as "Versace", "Lamborghini", "Roberto Cavalli", "Iceberg", "Kenzo" and others, to reformulate the concept of Saudi elegance in an advanced way.