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Mohammed Al-Ajlan: We are proud to share a picture of Saudi civilization with the Chinese partner.

Ajlan and Bros. Holding Company (China) participated in the Saudi pavilion at the "Expo Shanghai 2010" in China by distributing hundreds of valuable gifts from the company's products of Saudi men's fashion to visitors and workers in the Kingdom's pavilion, with the aim of contributing to enhancing the ideal experience that the Kingdom pavilion has. The number of visitors exceeds 4 million visitors.

Mr. Muhammad bin Abdulaziz Al Ajlan, Vice Chairman of Ajlan and Bros. Company, explained that the company's contribution to distributing these gifts comes from the complementary roles that the government and private sectors play in introducing the Saudi civilization, its cultural heritage, and the developmental achievements on its land, stressing his happiness in the presence of the company Ajlan and Bros. in this international forum that reflects the depth of trade cooperation between the Kingdom and China.

Ajlan added, "Ajlan and Bros. is proud of the company's industries, products and global competition in the field of men's clothing and products, based on their success in forming a distinguished business partnership with the Chinese business sector, which reflects the real development in the commercial and industrial field between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and China."

Mr. Al Ajlan extended his thanks and appreciation to the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs for City Planning and General Commissioner of the Saudi Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo, Dr. Abdul-Rahman Al-Sheikh, for his efforts in supporting the participation of Ajlan and Bros. Holding Company "China" and providing an opportunity to meet with visitors and workers at the exhibition.

The Saudi pavilion, which is designed in the form of a ship called the Ship of Light, and in the middle of the huge exhibition grounds towards Makkah, is considered a destination for most of the visitors to the Shanghai Expo, and a destination for officials and dignitaries from heads of state, ministers and celebrities from countries around the world, because the Kingdom of humanity enjoys A prominent position in the heart of the beating world, for what distinguished its wing, the `` ship of light '', and for the global reputation it gained through various media.

Officials in "Shanghai Expo 2010" a few days ago said that 70 million people visited the World Expo, at a new record. The organizers of the exhibition said that its visitors reached on Saturday of the last week 837 thousand, and Sunday 749 thousand, bringing the total before the end of the last week of the World Expo to 70 million visitors. They added that the previous record is 64.2 million visitors, and that it was recorded in the "Osaka Expo 1970" in Japan. It is noteworthy that the "Shanghai Expo 2010" exhibition opened on May 1, 2010. The number of visitors to the Shanghai Expo reached an average of 370,000 people per day, and a record number of visitors were recorded within one day on October 16, as the exhibition was visited by 1.03 million people.