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Ajlan and Bros. Group signs an agreement worth 1.5 billion yuan to expand the factories of one of its companies in China

On the sidelines of the Saudi-Chinese Business Forum held in Beijing last Monday, the Kingdom and China signed nine agreements between investment agencies in the two countries, including the sectors of energy, information technology, textiles and services, to promote and develop joint trade and investment alliances.

The Ajlan & Bros Group concluded an agreement within the agreements between the two sides with the local government of Zauring City in Shandong Province of China to expand the factories of one of its companies there for an amount of about 1.5 billion RMB, and the agreement was signed by Vice President of the Group Muhammad bin Abdulaziz Al Ajlan in the presence of the Minister of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources Eng. Khalid Al-Falih and Minister Trade and Investment Dr. Majid Al-Qasabi and Vice President of the Chinese International Trade Development Center, the agreement includes adding new production lines and manufacturing additional products.

After signing the agreement with the Chinese side, Muhammad Al Ajlan delivered a speech in which he welcomed the ministers and vice president of the Chinese International Trade Development Center, beginning with praise for the Saudi capital, saying: The Saudi capital has succeeded in international investment and its presence in countries of the world, including the friendly country of China. All this was done thanks to God Almighty, and then thanks to the rational government of our country led by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz - may Allah support him - which did not spare its businessmen With encouragement and support, and at the forefront of that is granting Saudi money freedom of movement without restrictions and prohibitions that hinder its progress and development. 

Then he went on the march of the "Ajlan and Bros." group and said: Ajlan & Bros Group started half a century ago from now with a simple start and with individual efforts, and with relentless follow-up and strenuous efforts, it continued its growth according to the calm of the market and the limited demand and completed its development system, and thanks to God, Ajlan and Bros. has developed to become today one of the most prominent commercial entities The pioneer, not only at the local level but also at the global level, and its brand "Marka" has become among the most prominent international brands that enjoy the confidence of the "consumer ". 

Al Ajlan added in his speech: In response to the forces of local and global demand, the "Ajlan & Brothers" group initiated industrial expansion and the establishment of companies and factories in the Republic of China in mid-2001; That is, 15 years ago; Where we started with one company, and after studies of economic feasibility and availability of raw materials and labor, we expanded by establishing three other industrial companies, one concerned with manufacturing and selling pure cotton products, the second was in the production of textiles and international clothes, the third specialized in the Arabic ghutra and Shemagh, and the fourth specialized in gift boxes, wooden boxes and plastic bags. And he continued: All companies and factories of the Ajlan and Bros. Group here in China are 100 % owned by the parent group.

It has proven its capabilities and success, and its final product has gained consumer satisfaction in a number of advanced global capitals, including the Arab countries, America, European countries, Japan and Australia. The stages of our industries depend on receiving cotton as a raw material, then turning it into yarn, then into pieces of clothing that meet the customers' desire according to their tastes and official and popular clothing. Al Ajlan went on to say: Since the start of the "Ajlan & Brothers" march nearly half a century ago, we have pledged ourselves to make customer satisfaction our goal, that our products are of high quality that meet the desires of the "consumer", and that they are an honorable industry for us and our country. All our companies and products have gained international quality marks. And we apply the highest occupational and environmental safety standards. 

He added: Today you are honored, Excellencies, as we are signing an agreement to expand our partnership with the local government of Zhao Zhang City, Shandong Province, China, with an investment of more than 1.5 billion RMB, and our company, Shandong Lawrence Textiles Co., Ltd. - which is under expansion - has a large export power of textiles and clothing; And that is through its development over more than 13 years, and I would like to assure that the company is operating in good conditions, and that we have vertical integration in terms of competitive advantage in terms of prices, quality, delivery on time, and quantity of production.

Mr. Muhammad Al Ajlan concluded his speech by saying: Realize that your time is precious and the work entrusted to you is great. Therefore, I was shortened and content myself with a simple glimpse of the "Ajlan & Brothers" group in China, which is an industrial and commercial tributary to the Saudi market in particular and to the global markets as a whole, and industrial pride is added to the national achievements and gains.