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Ajlan & Brothers presents a new collection of winter clothes

In conjunction with the onset of the winter season, the "Ajlan & Brothers" company launched a new group of cold-resistant clothing, and launched the "Drosh Fur Thobe, Dagla Drosh Fur Pajama", which represents a new shift in the world of men's clothing.

Ajlan & Bros. Company is keen to maintain its position with customers, and to remain ably in the clothing market. Therefore, this season’s production of dresses and pajamas is fully representative of Ajlan and Bros. Company’s orientations in meeting different tastes by providing a high quality product in multiple colors and varying degrees of each color. And the use of a new type of self-lining fur winter fabric with one piece attached to it, not separate, as this fabric was made in a very special way, in addition to the "Drosh Fur" gown and pajamas give a great sense of warmth, due to the thickness of the fabric made of it and lining with the fur, as it is very practical In th e days of severe winter, the man does not need to wear any additional coats or shawls with him, and it is soft to the touch and flexible in all positions of standing, sitting or driving the car, and it is available in several models for different occasions "official work, picnics, visits."

Ajlan and Bros. confirmed that each of the season's products has its advantages in terms of choosing threads for fabric manufacturing and design to meet the aspirations of customers and consumers of all tastes, age groups, needs and occasions in the Kingdom and the Gulf.