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Brogeh Shemagh and ghutrah get the international certificate in environmental quality

At a time when the major institutions are moving towards the world, they need the elements of unlimited distinction to be able to cross barriers to soar in the sky of international quality and acquire their products for the confidence of international organizations.

Leading companies of global prestige aim to acquire the qualifications of leadership among the major companies and here is (Ajlan and Bros. Company) occupying its deserved place globally among the tops of the most prestigious industry by possessing one of its factories, which is Suzu Daylon Company for the production of shemagh and ghutra, one of the Ajlan and Bros. companies, on the certificate of the World Environment Organization (OEKO) -TEX 1000), headquartered in Switzerland.

In this way, a new medal will be added to the company’s chest from the sum of the medals of distinction and uniqueness in the textile industry, especially from the Shemagh and ghutra (Brogeh ).

As this international organization certifies that one of the Ajlan and Bros. companies for the manufacture of Shemagh and Ghutra (Brogeh ) has obtained the first certificate in the quality of the industrial environment by applying the best international standards approved for the quality of the textile industry.

The Ajlan & Bros. Company factories have the best production system through the availability of world-class machines with high production efficiency and raw materials with the highest levels of purity and conformity to international specifications. The company also has the highest levels of efficiency in production and preserving the environment by having the best system for managing operations in all stages of the production of shemagh and ghutra. (Brogeh) and implement environmental requirements in the product.

A higher committee of the international organization (OEKO-TEX 1000) auditors reviewed all the company's work and production paths, manufacturing and production methods, and confirmed to the committee that the products of the shemagh and ghutra (Brogeh ) conform to international specifications with all its standards.

Thus, one of the Ajlan & Bros. companies is the 38th global company that holds this global certificate, knowing that most of the companies that have obtained this certificate are located in Germany, Switzerland and Spain. This gives Ajlan and Bros. products the right to pass their products to the European market due to the availability of European market requirements in the company's various textile products.