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The Ajlan family is an economic model for social responsibility

The Ajlan family, represented by Sheikh Ajlan Al Ajlan and Bros., contributed to consolidating the concept of social responsibility for businessmen in a realistic and tangible way, by presenting a housing project for all their cousins and their children that includes more than 70 residential villas at a total cost of 100 million Saudi riyals, and there is no doubt that this step is in line with our belief and our values As for our morals and our true religion, I ask God Almighty to accept from this generous family and other families who advocate the principle of social solidarity through communication between businessmen and community members.

Greetings and appreciation to the Al Ajlan family and to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ajlan Abdulaziz Al Ajlan & Bros Company for their sincere efforts.

The question that should be asked here is: What if all businessmen do such a charitable act ?! And everyone activated to achieve the principle of social solidarity that our true religion urged.

This will greatly contribute to solving many of the problems that plague our society, such as housing, unemployment, caring for orphans and widows, and the adoption of large charitable projects that help young people get married and work... And other actions that businessmen can do towards their society and their homeland, which opened up wide areas for them to work, earn and build their wealth that they have achieved through this dear country.

Perhaps the step of the Ajlan family would be a real beginning for the effective participation of businessmen to serve their community and assume their social responsibilities towards it, especially in light of the increase in housing demand and the rise in housing unit prices, as studies indicate that there are one million housing units that the community needs at the present time in addition to three million units during The next five years, which requires many steps, in order to avoid the high prices incident in the real estate sector, the causes of which are, for example, not limited to :

1- The high prices of basic building materials, which contributed to the increase in the cost of construction.

2- The unavailability of huge housing real estate projects by the private sector in line with the large increase in housing demand.

3- The economic growth and renaissance the Kingdom is witnessing in all sectors, which has been accompanied by high oil prices and an increase in government spending on utilities and services.

4- Significant population growth and increase in the age group between 15-45 years, which generate more need and that led to a clear gap between supply and demand.

Therefore, we hope that some businessmen, especially those with large investments, will take the same steps as this generous family, and it is important that the chambers of commerce and industry in the Kingdom and the various media outlets make the business community aware of the importance of social responsibility that falls on the shoulders of businessmen and which it is necessary to devote. Great efforts to spread the culture of social responsibility and the culture of developmental giving among businessmen and major companies in the Kingdom. This culture should spread through highlighting the ethical, religious and patriotic duty that businessmen must perform, and also by setting laws that motivate businessmen that make their giving a catalyst for the success and promotion of their commercial activities, and this will be a strong link between the businessman and the members of society as a result of these Constructive social participation.