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Al-Qusaibi honors Ajlan and Bros. for its efforts with the Training Center in the Riyadh Chamber

His Excellency the Minister of Economy and Planning and Acting Minister of Labor Mr. Khalid bin Muhammad Al-Qasibi honored the "Ajlan and Bros." company during the graduation ceremony of the thirteenth batch in the specialized applied professional diploma programs and the qualification programs for the Training Center at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Riyadh, which was held last week in Sheikh Abdulaziz Al-Muqairen Hall in Chamber headquarters.

The company was honored during the ceremony as a result of its distinguished attendance and interaction with the activities and programs of the Training Center in the Riyadh Chamber during the training season 2005/2006 AD to add the company to the record of its training achievements and its achievements in Saudization and rehabilitation a new achievement.

Mr. Ajlan Al Ajlan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ajlan and Bros. Company, appreciated the Chamber's initiative represented by the Training Center and extended thanks and appreciation to the members of the Board of Directors and the family of the employees of the company to His Excellency the Minister Al-Gosaibi for honoring the ceremony and his interest in the young forearms of the graduates of the Chamber's distinguished training and rehabilitation programs. He also thanked the Chairman and members of the Board of Directors The Chamber, its Secretary General, and the employees of the Training Center for their continuous and relentless efforts to serve the business sector by qualifying its employees and increasing their capabilities.

Al Ajlan said that his company is proud of its constant interaction with training and Saudization programs and qualifying new young people to enter the labor market through specialized courses or institutes and colleges, as it was previously honored in the same field by some of the rulers of the matter - may Allah protect them - as a result of achieving successive successes in training and employment. He explained that the company annually offers a group of jobs to graduates of several educational institutions by participating in the career day, and in cooperation with the Chamber's Training Center and some other training bodies, it trains its Saudi workers in many business, marketing and management disciplines through qualifying diplomas or specialized intensive courses, especially as The company's strategy, which was implemented several years ago, focuses on the Saudization of jobs in all branches and departments of the company in the Kingdom and the Gulf, which has achieved tangible results in raising the rate of Saudization in its administrative, technical and field functions. The Chairman of the Board of Directors indicated that the recruitment and training programs for Saudis in the company do not stop and are not limited to a certain period of the year, especially as the company is expanding annually in production, distribution and marketing with the increase in its shares and growth in the sage and gut market, the ready-made clothes and underwear and pajamas market, and it has reached leadership positions in the market..

It is noteworthy that Ajlan & Bros. Company has pursued a policy of attracting qualified youth without requiring experience, as they are trained on the job through their former colleagues and by providing them with the opportunity to actually practice the work as it has proven to be the most effective training method that achieves results.