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The Ajlan and Bros. Award for Academic Excellence is a model to be followed. The fifth edition is sponsored by the Minister of Civil Service

More than 1000 masters will be honored until the fifth edition

The Ajlan and Bros. Award for Academic Excellence has become a model to be followed in terms of supporting and motivating male and female students and urging them to excel, succeed, and achieve, which establishes an important stage in this vital field, and opens a greater horizon for the contribution in honoring every superior.

14 million and 837 thousand riyals, the value of prizes until the fifth edition

More than 1000 male and female students, the total of outstanding students who were honored in the "Ajlan and Bros. Award for Academic Excellence" until the fifth edition of this award, which is the copy that was sponsored by His Excellency the Minister of Civil Service Suleiman bin Abdullah Al-Hamdan.

Ajlan Al Ajlan: We will continue the efforts. We are proud of the award and the importance and prestige it holds

Upon his arrival at the ceremony, His Excellency was received by Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Ajlan and Bros. Group” Ajlan Al Ajlan, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Ajlan and Bros. Group” Muhammad Al Ajlan, and Executive Director of “Ajlan and Bros. Group” Fahd Al Ajlan.

Muhammad Al Ajlan: The number of honored excelling students proves the importance of the award

This patronage comes as an extension of the great attention paid by the leadership of this blessed country and the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud - may Allah protect him - for science and excellence, while the award is a model to be followed in terms of scientific awards presented to outstanding students to motivate them to creativity and distinction at the levels. All.

Fahad Al Ajlan: We are proud of achievement... And support for scientific excellence is our real gain

The Ajlan and Bros. Award for Academic Excellence is a major event in honoring and motivating outstanding students. This award represents a milestone in terms of the number of outstanding students and the size of the awards presented, making it today one of the most persistent, sustainable and vibrant scientific excellence awards.

The award, in its fifth edition, has continued its efforts to support scientific excellence

In a unique event, indicating interest in outstanding students, the value of prizes and celebration costs during the five editions of the award amounted to nearly 15 million riyals, while the names of the prizes were divided into 4 levels: Ajlan and Bros. Award for Academic Excellence, Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Ajlan Al Ajlan Award for Doctorate and Masters, Wahha Bint Naqi Al Hudhali Award for Outstanding Female Students in Doctorate and Masters, and Sheikh Saad bin Abdulaziz Al Ajlan Award, may Allah have mercy on him, for the memories of the Noble Qur’an. The total of those honored by the Ajlan and Bros. Award for Academic Excellence in its five versions reached more than 1000 students, which is the honor that contributed to increasing their level of eagerness and interest in continuing to excel in various scientific aspects for those who continued their higher studies, and the process for those who preferred direction to career aspects in various fields, this In addition to honoring the keepers of the Noble Book of God during the past copies.

In his speech, Ajlan Al Ajlan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ajlan and Bros. Group, valued the patronage of His Excellency the Minister of Civil Service, pointing to the importance of encouraging excellence and honoring and rewarding distinguished people, as a contribution to building the nation and developing its children who are its foundation and future.

Ajlan Al Ajlan said in his speech during the ceremony: “At the beginning, I cannot fail to say that your honorable attendance is a real support for excellence and knowledge, and a tribute to the outstanding. This will have a great impact on the souls of our celebrated sons and daughters this evening. The great impact on the souls of those in charge of this award is also by committees. And work teams. And those who spare no effort in the way of continuous work towards achieving the highest successes and achievements ».

Ajlan Al Ajlan added: The great boom that the education sector witnesses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in light of the Saudi Vision 2030... She would not have come without the support, care and attention of my Lord, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, and the follow-up and concern of His Highness Prince Muhammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince and Minister of Defense - may Allah protect them and take care of them all.

Ajlan Al Ajlan continued: “Honorable attendants. Young people are the wealth of this nation... They are the basis of every successful business; An ambitious vision... And young people bouncing to work and creativity... And the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, thank God, is full of wonderful young people... And an ambitious national vision... This contributes, God Almighty willing, to achieving the aspirations of our wise leadership, by recording achievements... And a succession of successes... Reaching the sky is our ambition... Supporting our wise leadership is our fuel.

He added: Today, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia boasts more than 27 universities. And thousands of educational schools... And hundreds of scientific edifices... Sending a message to the whole world... That the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the country of knowledge and scholars... working today. For a bright future... Under an ambitious national vision... Its results began to appear in reality through the economy, improving the quality of life, stimulating investment, and raising the level of quality of services.

Ajlan Al Ajlan continued his speech, saying: “Knowledge has always been a divine approach, and God Almighty praised it in his book Al-Hakim, who said,“ God exalts those who have believed among you and those who have given knowledge to degrees. ” His honorable Messenger also urged him, and he said hundreds of hadiths in it, considering that “whoever takes a path in which he seeks knowledge, God will facilitate for him a path to paradise.”

He explained, "We meet tonight to honor the outstanding who, thanks to Allah, have successive successes year after year. This year, we celebrate 190 top students, including one excelling in the diploma stage, 4 female students in the master's stage, 79 excelling in the bachelor's stage, 68 male and female students in the secondary stage, and 35 male and female students in the intermediate stage, and it is also very proud that we celebrate this evening by honoring 3 Male and female students of the book of God keepers ».

He added, "Dear ceremony. The assessment is not limited to one field, but includes four fields, on the basis of which the four prizes were distributed, to: The Ajlan and Bros. Award for Academic Excellence, the Father Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Ajlan Al Ajlan Award for Ph.D. and Masters, the Mother Wahha bint Naqi Al-Hudhali (Umm Ajlan) award for the outstanding female students in the PhD and Masters, and the Brother Sheikh Saad bin Abdulaziz Al Ajlan, may Allah have mercy on him, for the Holy Quran.

For his part, Muhammad Al Ajlan affirmed that this award represents an important focal point in terms of supporting and motivating the outstanding and distinguished members of the Al Ajlan and Eid families. “We look forward to positively contributing to motivating and supporting our sons and daughters, in a way that leads to their scientific excellence, which paves the way for a more practical life. Matured and qualified ».

Muhammad Al Ajlan pointed out that the award aims to instill a spirit of scientific interest for the outstanding and talented people, in a way that motivates many of them to pursue their higher studies, and in a way that enriches them with knowledge and skill. He added: The fact that the number of male and female students honored through this award has reached a barrier of 1000 students proves the importance and vitality of the award, indicating that the award will continue, God willing, to achieve its noble goals that it seeks.

Muhammad Al Ajlan stressed that the “Ajlan and Bros.” award for scientific excellence is here to stay, and said, “The generous care that the award finds makes us responsible for the success of each copy of the award, and the hard work will not stop... During the coming editions, we will work on developing the award mechanisms, in order to ensure more excellence for our sons and daughters. The vice-chairman of the board of directors of the Ajlan and Bros. Group called on the outstanding students to pay attention to continuing their higher studies, and said, “With science, countries are built... We have great confidence, God willing, in the sons and daughters of the nation to be an important tributary of development, education and innovation. ”

To that, Fahd Al Ajlan affirmed that the number of students honored through this award reached 1000 students is a matter of pride.

Fahad Al Ajlan, Executive Director of the Ajlan and Bros. Group, said that the Ajlan & Bros. Award has become an important catalyst for scientific excellence. He said, “We are proud that this award finds every year the care and attention of the rulers and officials, and we are proud every year to celebrate the excellence of hundreds. Of our male and female students who have made science a fuel for them to excel and excel.

The Executive Director of the Ajlan Bros Group stressed the role of the private sector in supporting and motivating the nation’s youth and girls, pointing out that social responsibility requires leading private sector companies to have major contributions to society. “From here came the idea of launching the Ajlan & Bros. Award for Academic Excellence. ».

Fahd Al Ajlan said: The volume of what has been spent on the award reached the barrier of 14.8 million riyals during the five editions, which clearly confirms the importance of this award and its leadership. Scientific awards sponsored by national companies ».

The outstanding students expressed their great gratitude and great happiness at the ceremony that culminated under the patronage of His Excellency the Minister of Civil Service, at the same time offering generous thanks to the awardees and its committees at all levels.

The outstanding students of Ajlan and Bros. valued the blessed step in honoring the superior sons of the family, and continuing to encourage students to excel, stressing that the Ajlan & Bros. Prize for Academic Excellence motivates the family's children to be righteous building blocks, and Mubarak grew up in the homeland, to grow up in love and loyalty to him, explaining The honor motivates them to continue to excel and to be a good role model in their society.

Student Abdulaziz bin Fahd Al Ajlan said in his speech delivered on behalf of the outstanding students: "Your Excellencies and Excellencies, O generous ceremony, at the beginning the expressions of gratitude fail... I express to you the affection and appreciation in our hearts, thank you for your presence, thank you for your loyalty, and thank you for your extended efforts.

And student Fahd Al Ajlan added: “Today, I stand before you speaking about my brothers and sisters who are outstanding from the Al Ajlan and Eid families, who have obtained the highest academic degrees and are celebrated this evening.. They presented a certificate of tender and a certificate of gratitude for a loyal and supportive father. And made. And a mother kept up. And concluded. And it gave ».

Abdulaziz Al Ajlan said: “Our dear country, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is blessed with great good deeds and blessings, and praise be to God... Including the grace of security and safety... These are the great blessings that it is important to meet with thanks and praise... Under the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz, and his faithful Crown Prince His Royal Highness Prince Muhammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz - may Allah protect them all - ».

Student Abdulaziz Al Ajlan added: “His Highness, Prince Muhammad bin Salman Abdulaziz - may Allah preserve him - says that the youth of this country are its wealth, and we tell you, Sir, glad tidings a fortune that will contribute - God willing - to the realization of the vision of our beloved country, the vision of the Kingdom 2030, this ambitious national vision that is based on 3 Main pillars: A vibrant society, an ambitious nation, and a prosperous economy, God Almighty willing. ”

The student Abdulaziz bin Fahd Al Ajlan concluded his speech by saying that we pledge to God Almighty first, then our wise leadership to continue to perform our role and excel, until the completion of our education stages, and that after our graduation and acquiring knowledge and knowledge, we are ready to fight difficulties in order to elevate the homeland. And contribute effectively to achieving the vision of the dear homeland ».