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Ajlan & Bros. Company begins selling on Monday in the Riyadh Al Narges scheme, north of Riyadh

Ajlan and Bros. Company will launch on Monday the sale in the Riyadh Al Narges plan at 4 pm, as the plan is located north of Riyadh between the extension of Othman bin Affan and Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq Roads on Rayhana bin Zaid Street, and the plan contains residential and commercial lands, and includes a number of transverse and longitudinal streets. And lighthouse. 

Sheikh Ajlan Al Ajlan, Chairman of the Board of Directors, stated that the preparations for the start of the sale in the plan have been completed, stressing that all services are complete, and the residential spaces in the plan are varied and the residential plots contain multiple and different advantages that suit everyone in addition to the gardens and other important facilities within the plan: Educational facility, mosques, gardens, ease of entrances and exits for the plan.

Al Ajlan added that Riad Al-Narges is considered one of the most promising and integrated plans in the north of Riyadh, and it is expected to witness a great turnout as it is located in the middle of residential neighborhoods and commercial streets. This makes it a suitable destination for those wishing to live or invest, due to the diversity of the areas offered, and the strategic location of the plan, its surrounded by main roads and its proximity to all vital facilities, giving it special advantages in attracting those interested in this area.

The Ajlan Bros. team has the experience and ability that qualifies it to choose its projects according to clear visions, making its objectives accessible to all, based on extensive studies, covering all aspects of investment, engineering, and the geographical, social and economic environment for all its plans.