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Makkah real estate market is awaiting the public auction of the largest fully-serviced residential and commercial plan

The Al-Qanadil plan in Makkah, which will be put up for sale next Tuesday 12/12/2017 for sale at a public auction, in the Laylaty hall in Jeddah, provides unique investment opportunities, whether for real estate companies or individuals, and it is expected that the entire plan will be sold within hours. From its inception, due to the tremendous capabilities and services it enjoys, as well as its strategic location within the boundaries of the Grand Mosque in Mecca.

The total area of the Al-Qanadil Plan, which is the largest fully-serviced residential and commercial plan, exceeds two million square meters, and the plan is owned by the Ajlan and Bros. Group, the Rekaz Real Estate Company that developed it, and the National Amlak Company, which took over its marketing. The date for launching the plan comes at a time when the real estate sector in Makkah is witnessing an unprecedented movement, created by the Kingdom's Vision 2030, which seeks to develop the area in real estate and tourism, to increase the number of pilgrims and Umrah performers expected to come to Makkah Al-Mukarramah. The Al-Qanadil plan will meet the needs of investors wishing to establish projects Commercial, entertainment, or residential, it provides its services to millions of visitors to the House of God, so it is expected that the plan will have a qualitative turnout that reflects the importance of the project, and the specificity of its location in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, as the Al-Qanadeel plan is located on a high plateau, southwest of Makkah, at a distance of 8 kilometers from The Grand Mosque.

Makkah Al-Mukarramah region is witnessing giant expansions and qualitative projects, which are set to enhance the value of the Al-Qanadeel plan, including the completion of the infrastructure in the Al-Haram Al-Makki area, and the near completion of the Haramain train project, which will connect Medina with Makkah, passing through Jeddah governorate, in addition to the approaching date of operation of the King Airport. Abdulaziz in Jeddah, and linking it to the highway (Al-Iman Road) to Makkah, in addition to raising the capacity of Taif Airport and turning it into an international airport, which will increase the number of pilgrims and Umrah performers, in accordance with the requirements and objectives of the Kingdom's vision.

The al-Qanadil plan is considered a natural extension of most of the southwestern neighborhoods, in the Batha Quraish, al-Awali and other neighboring neighborhoods, and the al-Qanadil plan connects from the northern side to the Ring Road, one of the most important highways in Makkah al-Mukarramah, and from the western side it connects to Ibrahim al-Khalil Road (peace be upon him) Which facilitates access to it for those coming to Makkah, and makes it easy for its residents to reach the Grand Mosque directly, where the clock tower can be seen clearly from the plan.

Al-Qanadeel has a main road network linking the plan to the neighboring residential neighborhoods, and roads to reach the plan and go easily to the Holy Haram area. Roads and internal streets ranging in width between 32 and 50 meters were asphalted, paved on both sides, with lighting poles available for all roads. The plan also includes all infrastructure services, including pavements, electricity, water, telephone networks, sewage, rainwater drainage networks and a ferry to drain flood water.

Permission was granted to build the planned housing units at a height of 3 and a half floors, a rise that corresponds to many investments that account for 75% for residential use and 25% for commercial use. Despite the high level of the plan above the surface of the land in the neighboring areas, the owners decided to build a water ferry that extends along the length of the project for 3 kilometers, for the purpose of draining rain and torrential water, and is linked to the main drainage ferry network of the Holy City of the Municipality.

The al-Qanadeel plan is considered a model project that is contemplated, as it has been planned to become self-sufficient in terms of the availability of residential and commercial uses, as well as the preparation of a large number of lands allocated for government and service uses, schools, mosques and public parks, and one of the most important features of the plan is that it is located on a relatively high plateau that can be exploited. By architectural designers, to create distinctive views of a large number of lands in multiple directions. The plan includes 1,497 residential plots of land, 425 commercial plots, 4 primary schools for boys and the same for girls, two middle schools for boys, and the same for girls, 12 plots of lands for gardens and green spaces, 9 for local mosques, and two mosques.

Al-Qanadeel plan won the best real estate development project award within the Arab region and Africa awards for the year 2014-2015 AD, after Rekaz Real Estate Company developed many successful model projects, the most important of which was this giant project, which was developed according to international specifications that distinguish it from other projects Similar, in terms of the privacy of the site, as it is located in the most honorable parts of the earth in the world, and a short distance from the Holy Mosque of Mecca.