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The palace plan will be offered 1.5 million square meters in the heart of Al-Khobar next Tuesday

Real estate investors in the Kingdom in general, and the Eastern Region in particular, are waiting for the public auction of the Qasr neighborhood plan project to begin next Tuesday, May 17th, at Seif Hall in Khobar Corniche after the afternoon prayer. It is expected that the new plan, which is located in the heart of the waterfront of Al-Khobar, will be very popular with developers and investors wishing to acquire vital sites suitable for many qualitative economic projects.

The area of the Al-Qasr district, which is owned by a large real estate consortium that includes the Ajlan and Bros. Group, Majd Real Estate Company, Al-Abdul Rahman Development and Development Company "Al-Qassim Office", and Al-Wabel Real Estate Company, in addition to Rashid Abdul Rahman Al-Rashed and Sons Company, the real estate division - the project developer - extends Marketing it jointly with both Al-Qassim Office and Al-Wabel Real Estate Company. On an area of approximately 1.5 million square meters, and real estate developers in the Kingdom consider it one of the most important investment and residential projects, not only in the Eastern Province, but also in the Kingdom, as it is characterized by the multiplicity of plot areas commensurate with the needs of investors, as well as its strategic location in the city of Khobar, where it is bounded From the east and south, the Northern Corniche Road overlooks the waterfront, and on the north side it is bounded by the Nakheel plan, Plots 3-4-5, and on the West side it is bounded by the extension of King Faisal Coastal Road, and it is located close to a number of main streets in the lively city of Khobar. King Faisal Coastal Road, which connects Al Khobar with Dammam with the sea front of the two cities and the second road, King Fahd Road (Dammam - Khobar Highway ).

Investors in all sectors see the news specifically, as the city of successful investment projects, citing hundreds of local and foreign projects and companies that the region embraces and achieved great popularity, depending on the location of the city and the splendor of the general views in it, and considering it as an entry point for many Arab Gulf countries.

The master plan was designed using the latest and highest international engineering standards, taking into account the achievement of complete privacy and ensuring a wide variety of uses, including investment towers, residential, multi-storey buildings, private residential areas for palaces and luxury villas, as well as the Boulevard Street, the landmark that distinguishes the plan, which is located in the heart of The palm plan is the main artery and the link between all the project elements.

The infrastructure of the project has been developed and implemented in an integrated manner, according to the highest and latest international specifications, to be a strategic and exemplary neighborhood within the city of Khobar, where the palace plan is considered one of the latest high-end and unique plans with a varied investment and residential use and its location on a quiet area next to the sea that is also commensurate with the nature of luxury residential use and love Tranquility, charm and beauty of the sea.

The planned streets are characterized by flow and expansion, and they are equipped with an integrated network of typical internal roads, modern sidewalks, and integrated infrastructure, in addition to various public services and facilities, mosques, parks and schools in order to meet the high-class and dreamy elite.

The planning and development of the plan was based on an insightful vision and an innovative development that meets all the requirements of the distinguished plan, so the planning was integrated in a way that takes into account all the requirements and desires of potential investors. The plan features roads, a sewage network, a telephone, a rain drainage network, sidewalks, desalinated water, electricity, lighting and asphalting.